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MRI In-bore Video System "Smart Theatre"

"Product Features"

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    Virtual skylight window
    Video images spread out in front of you provide a sense of openness and depth, creating the feeling of lying down and looking up at the sky.
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    Diverse content
    You can use a tablet to select your favorite video and music from blue sky, aquarium, animals, animations, and others.
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    No construction required
    No construction is required to use this system. It can also be installed in addition to the existing Smart Theatre.

Product Introduction Video

Projection mechanism

  • The high-intensity projector and projection mapping technology reproduce high quality video images.
  • A video image is projected onto the inner surface of the bore using a low-heat-generating LED projector and mirror reflection.
  • Optically distorted images are corrected using content transformation.
  • Use of high frequency noise shielded projector.

※This product does not have to be electrically or mechanically connected to the main unit of the MRI machine.

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Users' comments

Comments from customers (hospital staff) who have introduced the system.

  • Patients with claustrophobia often say, "I was glad that I could see images", so I think this product is capable of alleviating their stress. (Male engineer)
  • We have received many comments from patients saying, "I want to have this examination again". A video image is projected directly into the bore, so I think it has the potential to be used for examinations in a wide range of areas. (Male chief engineer)
  • It is possible to relieve patients' stress during an examination, so I would like to promote this product to patients. (Male hospital director)